Sunday, May 13, 2012


P1000192 by Celestialbean
P1000192, a photo by Celestialbean on Flickr.


P1000193 by Celestialbean
P1000193, a photo by Celestialbean on Flickr.


P1000194 by Celestialbean
P1000194, a photo by Celestialbean on Flickr.


BUTTONS by Celestialbean
BUTTONS, a photo by Celestialbean on Flickr.

List of participants for the Button Swap 2012

 Kim Roberts and Partner unable to participate at this time.
Pam Ferarri and Stefanie Teufel (will share their reveal on a later date)
Stefanie Teufel and Pam Ferarri (will share their reveal on a later date)

Button Swap 2012

So today is reveal day and it's been wonky to say the least.  I'm in the last week of helping to organize a Silent Auction and my co-chair fell at church and has a possible broken foot. So I've diverted my stress to be creative and positive and not dwell in the negative.The necklace turned out great. I may go back and rework the clasp once I get through a few more wirework projects and can make something really worthy of the overall look I was going for. The buttons were a beautiful canvas to start with. It gave me a chance to work with some Czech beads I've coveted and never wanted to sell. You always wish you had bought the whole lot when you see how they work up, don't you? Thanks for pushing the right buttons to get me into the blogging world and into publically doing challenges. I've done a number of them just for the fun of it, but it feels great to put it all together and figure out how to get it out there.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tahitian Marketplace

Tahitian Marketplace by Celestialbean
Tahitian Marketplace, a photo by Celestialbean on Flickr.


So the next hurdle is here, posting pictures. With a glorious Holy week to bolster me, a friendship chapter has closed with the death of a very dear friend, and many springtime activities awaiting me I trudge into Spring. I had hoped to skip into to Spring, but it feels like I'm cheering my son onto the finish line of 11th grade, it's been a harder year than expected. For the first time he has had  challenging teacher personalties to deal with, fact of life you won't love them all. But he is a sweet kid, who truly loves to learn so to see him struggle for the first time in 11 years has been hard for me. It's just not cool for a parent to give them what for, evidently. He has entered multiple art contests and we wait to see how those will pan out. It could bring an opportunity for a summer art session away, and some small monetary prizes for college. So I try to keep him focused on the things he loves and yet not loose sight of things he still has to do to pass and succeed for next year.

Technology has been a bear this week, but not one to give up I know with some tutoring and note taking it all will be revealed and I will be the wiser women for meeting the challenge. Hopefully it will be pictures that get revealed here, as I take on my own first challenge swapping buttons to make something artful for Spring.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Art Blooms

So one of the events I participate in, here in Baltimore is Art Blooms at the Walters. We create a flower arrangement based off a piece of art. This year it's the Mayan exhibit and we have a small clay statue of a Mayan god, that has deteriorated a bit through the years. So imagination and creativity will come into play. My club the Ten Hills Garden Club has been in existence for 79 years. It's been a struggle to get fresh blood into the club, with so many people working more then one job, a garden club seems like something your great aunt would do. So we are doing what we can to change that image.

This event at the Walters is pretty amazing. The rules are strict so as not to let creatures into the gallery. All flowers have to come from a florist, nothing from your yard. No standing water only oasis can be used. We have a terracotta pot which we have sealed 3 times just to be safe and we have a plastic liner. I've brushed it with bronze gilders paste to add some luster. Today I go to seal the deal with the florist for the stems we want to use. I will take pictures to post so you can see the result. If you live near Baltimore I highly recommend it. It's April 13-15. Typically 30-50 clubs participate and it's a fund raiser for the Women's committee .
I think this event is what peaked my interest for the Art Bead Scene challenges, it's the same type of artistic expression, only with Artisan made beads.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Well it's Spring which means I break out the recipe for Cream of Asparagus Soup. Which I took to a house concert for a group called "Hot Soup". Little did I know that very soup figured so prominently in the song. So bonus on the choice for the evening.

So here it goes:Celestial Cream of Asparagus

Slice 2 cups of leeks- soak to remove dirt and then saute in olive oil- 2 T
Slice 2 Lbs of Asparagus discard the woody ends, and then add to the pot, along with 2 Qts of vegtable or chicken stock.
Add 2/3 C of miso-I use South River Brand hearty brown rice miso
season with a dash of salt, 1/4 tsp white pepper(check and if not spicy enough you can up this at the end). And a generous dose of grated nutmeg- fresh grated ups the taste a bit, I love it so I typically grate at least half a nut, or about a tsp.

Cook until the asparagus is fork tender than I blend using a stick blender- which is the best kitchen tool ever made(at least during soup season).

Add 1 Qt of fat free 1/2 and 1/2 and 1/4 C of good parmesean or asiago cheese and just heat through. This feeds about 15 more if you are just doing 1/2 C servings. This doubles well for a crowd.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog that was the question

So my first posting- life's journey has become about Art, Service, Great Food, Music and Friends which all deserve capital letters!

Cindy Wimmer gets credit for being the challenge that got me into the Blogisphere. Antique buttons have been a weak spot since I was very young. I've shared them with hat makers, beaders, embroidery artist's, quilters and seamstresses along the way. I've also collected and used them in my jewelry, vintage clothing updates, molds and stamps for PMC and just to sit and look beautiful in jars and dishes.

Lorelei Eurto gets credit for giving me a nudge to try challenges and for showing me how buttons can be a clasp, link or focal that other components just can't match.

So baby stepping my way into new territory for me, but happy to have a web presence where some of my art, words, adventures and recipes can bring inspiration, humor and gratification to others.