Sunday, April 15, 2012


So the next hurdle is here, posting pictures. With a glorious Holy week to bolster me, a friendship chapter has closed with the death of a very dear friend, and many springtime activities awaiting me I trudge into Spring. I had hoped to skip into to Spring, but it feels like I'm cheering my son onto the finish line of 11th grade, it's been a harder year than expected. For the first time he has had  challenging teacher personalties to deal with, fact of life you won't love them all. But he is a sweet kid, who truly loves to learn so to see him struggle for the first time in 11 years has been hard for me. It's just not cool for a parent to give them what for, evidently. He has entered multiple art contests and we wait to see how those will pan out. It could bring an opportunity for a summer art session away, and some small monetary prizes for college. So I try to keep him focused on the things he loves and yet not loose sight of things he still has to do to pass and succeed for next year.

Technology has been a bear this week, but not one to give up I know with some tutoring and note taking it all will be revealed and I will be the wiser women for meeting the challenge. Hopefully it will be pictures that get revealed here, as I take on my own first challenge swapping buttons to make something artful for Spring.

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